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The concert recording are copyright © Jos Janssen, Arnhem, 2011. The other recordings are copyright © Geert Jan van Oldenborgh, 2003, 2004. They may be redistributed freely as long as this copyright message remains intact.

  concert   Ladrang Wilujengsl. manyura6:59
  concertbalungangerongan Gendhing Gandakusuma
Ladrang Gandasuli
sl. sanga16:54
youtubeconcert   Tari Sukaretnasl. manyura14:59
  concertbalungan  Ladrang Asmarandanasl. manyura6:59
  concert   Bawa Sekar Rarabentrok
Gendhing Gambirsawit
Ladrang Gonjang-ganjing
Ketawang Subakastawa
Ayak-ayakan Alas-Alasan
Palaran Pangkur
Palaran Dhandhanggula
sl. sanga29:35
  concert   Beksan Gathutkhaca Gandrung:
Sendhan Tlutur
Ketawang Kinanthi Pawukir
Lancaran Bendrung
Ladrang Pucung Rubuh
sl. manyura13:37
  concert   Ayak-ayakan Pamungkassl. manyura4:56
  rehearsalbalungan  Gending bonang Babar Layarpl. lima19:20
 Gending Ganda Kusuma
Ladrang Gandasuli
sl. sanga7:15
  mp3balungan+gerongan Ketawang Mijil (gending kemanak)sl. sanga5:13
  mp3balungan+gerongan Ladrang Cikar Bobroksl. manyuro8:03
  rehearsalbalungan+gerongan Ketawang Rucitsl. manyuro8:04
  rehearsalbalungan+gerongan Lancaran Selendang Birusl. sanga4:10
  rehearsalbalungan  Gangsaran 6
Ladrang Lawung
Gangsaran 6
sl. manyura2:33
youtube mp3balungantembang Ladrang Asmarandanasl. manyura11:00
youtube mp3balungantembang Ketawang Mijil Wigaringtyaspl. nem5:46
youtube mp3balungantembang Ketawang Megatruh
Ketawang Sinom Parijata
Lancaran Bubaran Nyutro
pl. lima9:14
youtube mp3balungan  Lancaran Kebogirosl. manyuro6:15
youtube mp3balungan  Ketawang Kasatryan
Ayak-Ayakan Alas-alasan
Ladrang Gonjang Ganjing
Lancaran Lumbung Desa
sl. manyuro12:12

The first 7 tracks were recorded at our 30-year jublileum concert on November 19, 2011 in Rotterdam.

The next 3 track were from a small-group rehearsal and are for internal use only.

The next 3 tracks were recorded on gamelan Hamongkarsa at a rehearsal weekend on 30 October 2004, using the same equipment as below. These recordings include guest players of the group Istika. Please disregard the noise of the heating system - it was really too cold to do without.

The last 5 tracks were recorded on 10 May 2003 in Mueum Nusantara, Delft, the Netherlands on the gamelan Kyai Parijata. I used a CD recorder and two condensator microphones a 2m height. Unfortunately the visually pleasing museum exhibition of the instruments proved to be sub-optimal for recording this way: the bonang is too close and the gambang too far away. The audio has been compressed to 192kb/s MP3, which means the technical quality should be OK, but the files are rather large (1.4MB per minute of music).